In addition to performing effective secure access, Seven Mountains products have also been designed for easy and comprehensive management of users and their access rights.

Strong Authentication. Seven Mountains products support several different security levels, from regular passwords to two factor authentication systems (e.g. RSA Secure ID or SMS) and PKI (smart cards and digital certificates). Different authentication levels can be configured based on the user's location. Within an organization, different users can authenticate using different mechanisms.

LDAP, RADIUS and Active Directory Integration. Integrated user management and password authentication with existing directory services based on LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory. Authentication can also be handled by existing RADIUS services. This eliminates the need to duplicate the user base and utilizes existing infrastructure.

Role Based Access Control. Authorization is easily managed through a role based administration tool. Administrators can assign access rights to roles, groups, or individuals. No users can have unwarranted access to unauthorized resources. This also simplifies the secure and selective publishing of software services to external users such as customers, suppliers and partners.

Dynamic user profiling . Each user is presented with custom resources based upon their assigned access rights.

Single sign-on. Users often need access to multiple applications with different password and logon procedures. This complicates access and increases support costs. Our products give the user the opportunity to automatically log on to all applications after being securely authenticated by the 7M GateKeeper or 7M Aspire server. This is achieved with no modifications to existing applications. Single sign-on information is administered by each user and securely encrypted and stored on the server. As a result, application password support is decreased.